Spare Parts


Anders Flagstad’s collection of stories Spare Parts now out on Amazon and Smashwords asks a lot of questions. It can’t help it. It’s just curious by nature. Just like Anders. If you’re curious too, here’s a couple of the many questions it and Anders raise –

What would it take?
What would it take for you to let go of everything? Give it all up? Start over and try and get it right this time? What would it take? Could you? Would you?
Would you do it for love? Even if it didn’t exactly look like any kind of love you were even remotely familiar with? Ask Alice, she’ll understand. More than she wants to.
What if someone came back from the brave? If they offered to be there for you – be your pal -help you out when the going got rough? How about it? Would you let go then? Give it all up? Ask Adam. that is, if you’re curious. Adam’s all ove that.
Would dying from cancer do it? Ask Lars. He knows from cancer. Or would having a mother sick and in the hospital as you get fired, meet your first boyfriend and lose your flat -would that shake things up for you at all? John Chin might know about that. Just a little. If you’re wanting to ask somebedy, that is.
And hey, while your’e thinking about it, while you’re figuring it out, while you’re getting it all pushed together and cunningly rearranged and sorted back out into neat, tidy categories, while you’re doing all that – give a listen to these confused and confusing San Franc iscans. Listen to them tell their stories. Listen to them living, loving, hating their lives just like you do as the Universe drops big, heavy question marks smack dab on their unprotected heads and sometimes even gets their attention in the process. Sometimes.
All in The City by the bay – San Francisco.

Spare Parts – now available on Amazon and Smashwords!




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