Super Karma Goes Around and Comes Around

My new novel Super Karma makes its appearance on Amazon (paperback and hardcover and Kindle) and on Smashwords (in a dozen plus electronic formats).

Anders Wanders onto the Blogosphere


A thing emerges out of shadows and Limbo – no, not out of the disquietingly memorable game that came out in 2010 – the shadowy Limbo we’re talking about is the place where haunted and hunted unfinished books/short stories live in – a blurred out world of 1’s and 0’s on a forgotten hard drive buried somewhere in an abandoned solid waste disposal site – sad isn’t it?

Dateline: March 29, 2013
– a heater, an office, a desk, a keyboard

Out of darkness, light.

Today I put up this site, and am in the long, long process of publishing. It’s funny, the writing part is the most satisfying, but it’s only the beginning of authoring. Then there’s the editing/proofing/illustrating, and the formatting, and the cover(s) and last but not least, the publicity (such as it is) – of which this site is the first part of that effort – and this blog is the start of that first part. I’m not complaining, I’m just (stupidly) surprised by the number of hats you have to wear. But I’m sure the second book will be much easier, and getting back to the writing will that much more intense.

I should mention that I write mostly for myself – to set narratives in motion, to play with time, to learn how to love and understand the thousands and millions of persons living out their lives all around me. Writing. It’s like music. The joy of it is in the performance, in the hearing of it, and the memory of the hearing of it, not so much in the applause at the end. So I write what I like, aware that I may be writing for an audience of one.

So why publish then? I guess it’s an elaborate form of virtual graffiti, a digital/print mark I make on the world that shows that, yes, I was here. A little childish, a little adolescent perhaps. But there it is.

Plautus – he looks like he’s the serious Roman author type, but he gave himself the name Groucho Flatfoot (translated freely into English), loved slapstick, and never let a good pun go un-punished. So, don’t let the face fool you.

So, I begin what may be a lonely trek into the restless, unceasing murmuring of the internet – following in the footsteps of so many millions who have gone before me. I’ll write more about Plautus and his Epidicus and Thad Says Parts Is Parts (And Thad Is Right) (my first book to be published, April 2013 on Amazon through Bubble Eyes Publishing), and the other books I have already written years ago, but which remained un-edited and have been left in a kind of limbo in backups on various hard drive devices awaiting their day of release, freedom, and (probable) public scorn. But I really enjoyed writing them, and they speak (at least to me) and I suppose that’s all anyone could ever really want who actually takes the time to put words to screen and tries, however unsuccessfully, to puzzle out what is life, the universe and everything.

The answer (of course) (you knew this already) to...
The answer (of course) (you knew this already)