Artwork – Circles and Wheels

COVER of book

BOOKCOVER Circles And Wheels NO TEXT

The Coronado Bridge – San Diego – much edited.



00 Frontispiece

Again, the Coronado Bridge – San Diego – much edited – from story 5 – Night Streets




Story 1 – Woman With Yellow Umbrella

01 Woman With Yellow Umbrella - Jose Ivan Ibarra Woman With Umbrella

This is an oil painting by Jose Ivan Ibarra (Woman with Umbrella) – seeing it made me want to write a story of how that woman got to that umbrella on that beach on that day – and that’s how Jolene’s story (the woman of the Woman With Yellow Umbrella – short story #1) got told.


Story 2 – Still Life With Fruit

02 Still Life With Fruit

The sun, the stars, a whole lot of fruit, and a skateboard.


Story 3 – Untitled #27

03 Untitled No 27

An exercise in anonymous, shocking white on white – perhaps a way of showing Lady Chick-A-Dee-Dee’s refusal to be labelled and at the same time stand out in a crowd.


Story 4 – Persian Miniature

04 Persian Miniature

A small Persian painting floating on a sea of light and used oxygen canisters.


Story 5 – Night Streets

05 Night Streets

Rainy, urban streets seen through a drunken, desperate haze.


Story 6 – Bus Stop

06 Bus Stop

A blurry, indistinct view of life and a bus stop.


Story 7 – The Nostril of the Archangel

07 The Nostril of the Archangel

The archangel Michael surveying the world on a stormy evening.


Story 8 – Snow on Sagebrush

08 Snow On Sagebrush

Splintered memories of a snow-covered meadow from decades before.


Story 9 – Two Meadows

09 Two Meadows

A spring meadow – the kind with fairies.


Story 10 – New Moon

10 New Moon

Ghosts and bowling and the full moon.


Story 11 – Babushkas

11 Babushkas

The painful opening of a series of matryoshkas – the Russian nesting dolls – but I call them Babushkas (Russian for grandma) – since it’s a kind of grandmother we’re opening up in this story.


Story 12 – Circles and Wheels

12 Circles And Wheels

A book that is all circles – a kind of moebius strip of a narrative – the symbol on the book’s cover is the ouroboros – a snake biting its own tail – a sign of infinity.