Super Karma

The Late Heavy Bombardment Begins on Tuesday

Darius Johnson, Los Angeles citizen, is a guy like any other guy.

He loves his husband, is a prisoner to his mortgage, hustles like a crazy man at work on weekdays to keep his boss happy, lives for sweet freedom on his weekends once they finally roll his way, and is generally a man who tries to do the best he can by everybody with what he’s been given to work with here on this earthly plane. Yeah, he’s not an idiot with his karma. He figures what goes around REALLY DOES come around. He’s a responsible guy.

But what if he were responsible, all of a sudden, for EVERYBODY’S karma? A whole planetful of karmic causes and effects? And it’s all been dumped on his head? All of it? What does a regular, LA citizen do then, as his marriage implodes, his job explodes, his friends and family back off in disappointment and even LA urban wildlife turn on him and attack?

That, and other issues, like monogamy, repo men (and women), missing fish tacos, astronaut wannabe bosses and evil cell phones hastening the advent of the singularity are what Darius Johnson has to deal with today, the first day of the rest of his life, a hot Wednesday in July, in the City of Dreams on the coast of that mythical land called SoCal.

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